American Educational Research Association
2005 Annual Meeting     April 11 - 15, 2005     Montreal, Canada
Arts and Learning Special Interest Group                Preliminary Schedule
Bobbi McKean, Program Chair

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Monday, April 11

12:00  12: 40   Arts and Learning Paper Discussion Roundtables I  
Building/Room: Marriott Montreal Chateau Champlain / Salle de Bal Ballroom & Foyer
William Morris and the Utopian Dimension of Artistic Labor in Education
Tyson Lewis, UCLA
Using Drawing for Math Instruction: Relationship of Performance in Art and Math
Ellen Potter, University of South Carolina; Kellah Edens, University of South Carolina; Sally Mings, Richland School District 1
Transformative and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Teaching Multiculturally Through Hip Hop
Sydney Brown, Gardner-Webb University; Mary Hanley, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Michelle Jay, University of North CarolinaChapel Hill; Kawachi Clemons, University of North CarolinaChapel Hill
The Impact of Art Integration On Visual Perceptual Ability and Concept Understanding in Elementary Science
Cathy Smilan, Florida Atlantic University
The Cognitive and Aesthetic Benefits of Giving Young Children Extended and Repeated Viewing Time
Angela Eckhoff, University of Colorado - Boulder
Music Instrumental Instruction in Brazil: An Approach to the Teachers Identities
Ana Lucia Louro, UFSM
Connections: The Arts and Cognitive, Social and Personal Development
Robert Horowitz, Teacher's College, Columbia University

Tuesday April 12

10:35 12:05            Relational Aesthetics as Artistic Interventions in Social Justice Education
Building/Room: Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth / Gatineau
In this panel presentation/performance, three intersected papers will expose and examine relational aesthetics as a model for social justice education and the arts.
David Darts, University of Arizona
Stephanie Springgay, Pennsylvania State University
Barbara Bickel, University of British Columbia
Discussant - Richard Siegesmund,  University of Georgia

12:25  1:05             Arts and Learning Paper Discussion Roundtables II
Building/Room: Marriott Montreal Chateau Champlain / Salle de Bal Ballroom & Foyer
Integrating the Arts in the Elementary Classroom: Development of the Teachers Opinion Survey
Diane Montgomery, Oklahoma State University; Janice Miller, Oklahoma State University; Michael Gunzenhauser, University of Pittsburgh
Drawing Out: How Non-Specialist Art Teachers Past Experiences Inform Their Current Practices
Nadine Kalin, University of British Columbia
Artist and Teacher Collaborations: Professional Development in the Elementary School Classroom
Steven Shaw, University of Washington
Confronting Complexities in Education Using Arts-Based Concepts
Kate Nickerson-Crowe, OISE/University of Toronto
Acting to Learn: Interactive Performance and Preservice Teachers' "Ingenuous Knowledge"
Rosalie Romano, Ohio University
Arts-Based Teaching and Learning With Traditional and New Media in Pre-Service Teacher Education.
Peter Gouzouasis, University of British Columbia; Martin Guhn, University of British Columbia; Anne Marie LaMonde, University of British Columbia
The Young at Art: Reconsidering Genres, Impact and Engagement
Stacey Caillier, UC Davis

6:15  7:45      Arts and Learning Business Meeting and Invited Lecture by Jessica Hoffmann Davis  
Building/Room: Hilton Montreal Bonaventure / Montreal Ballroom, Section Cote St-Luc
Jessica Hoffmann Davis is a cognitive developmental psychologist interested in children's artistic development and arts learning within and across school walls. She has studied the model and promise that the arts provide for pedagogy, assessment, and research, and worked to develop the methodology of portraiture into a group process. This last area is addressed in her co-authored book, The Art and Science of Portraiture, and in Passion & Industry: Schools That Focus on the Arts, a recent collection of portraits of arts learning in different contexts. She will discuss her latest book, Framing Education as Art: The Octopus has a Good Day and talk about what it looks like when we reverse the standard paradigm of arts learning struggling to fit into the priorities and packaging of general education--and offer some strategies for making general education more artful.  

Wednesday April 13

10:35 12:05            Arts and Learning Across the Community: The Holocaust and Humanity Project
Building/Room: Ritz-Carlton, Montreal / Vice Royal II
What happens when university faculty collaborate with a family foundation, a metropolitan ballet company, and a Holocaust museum to develop a model for artistic, educational, and community involvement to support Holocaust education?
The Case of Light: The Holocaust and Humanity Project
Mary Lee Webeck, University of Texas at Austin
Resonance: The Impact of Philanthropic Networks on a Holocaust Education Initiative
Cookie Ruiz, Ballet Austin
The Role of the Museum Setting in Holocaust Education
Christina Vasquez, Holocaust Museum Houston
Learning the Holocaust: Exploring the Penumbra of Teacher Education
Sherry Field, University of Texas
Which Story Is Told? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Concentration Camp Brochures
Brent Hasty, University of Texas at Austin
Moving in Moments: Analysis of Holocaust Narratives in a Contemporary Ballet
Stephen Mills, Ballet Austin
Discussant - Tracie Costantino, University of Georgia
12:25  1:55     Cultural Knowledge and Transformation: Music Education Outside the Box  
Building/Room: Ritz-Carlton, Montreal / Maritime
There is increasing acknowledgement in education circles of the value and importance of understanding the cultural capital - dispositions, values, practices and beliefs - that students experience outside the box of the classroom. The papers presented here are relevant to the discourse on multiculturalism, demographic issues, and teaching and learning in contexts of culture and community. Images, Themes and Values in Inuit-Invented Musical Games
Joan Russell, McGill University
Tarnirmut Inngiqujauguma - Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing! Bridging the Cultural Gaps in Nunavut
Moon Joyce, OISE/University of Toronto
Pub Sessions, Garage Bands and Lessons at Home: Music Transmission in Informal Settings
Kari Veblen, University of Western Ontario
Traditional Music Teaching and Learning in the Canary Islands
Emma Rodriguez-Suarez, University of Toronto
Sounding Bodies/Dancing Minds: Cross Cultural Perspectives of Music Teaching Practices from the Field
Intan Murtadza, York University
Discussant - Linnea Rademaker, Indiana State University

Thursday April 14

10:35  12:05
Using an Integrated Approach in Teacher Education Methods Classes: Preservice Teachers Problems, Perplexities, and Positive Transformations  
Building/Room: Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth / Harricana
Our inquiry illuminates problems, perplexities and positive transformations associated with preparing preservice teachers in the twenty-first century to accept responsibility for devising and presenting lessons that link language or scientific literacy with multiple sign and symbol systems, such as drama, musical composing, film, visual art, and computer technology. In their performative, story-telling, interactive presentation, the authors will describe integrated pedagogical practices and discuss implications for effective preparation of preservice teachers to work with multiple sign systems.  
Lyubov Laroche, Western Washington University
Janet Richards, University of South Florida
Romona Chauvin, Western Washington University
Discussant - J. David Betts,  University of Arizona

2:15  3:45
New Views of Learning: Arts-Infused Curriculum for Social Action
Building/Room: Hotel Omni Mont-Royal / Salon L'Automne
"Critical Links", a summary of arts research, claims that arts learning experiences develop important cognitive and social processes and capabilities in young children. In this session, a team of three researchers from different arts disciplines looks specifically at learning in arts-infused units of study wherein students, both adults and children, work to understand a social justice theme through multiple arts disciplines.
Beth Berghoff, Indiana UniversityPurdue University
Carlotta Parr, Central Connecticut State University  
Cindy Borgmann, Herron School of Art
Discussant - Nancy Ellis, University of Vermont