Arts and Learning SIG

2001 AERA Annual Meeting
in Seattle, WA. April 10-14, 2001.


1:16 Issues in Arts Education: Modes of Knowledge,
Curriculum and Integration

Session Type: Symposium
Place: Westin 2nd Floor Cascade Ballroom 1B
Time: TUESDAY 4/10/01 12:00:00 PM Ends: 1:55:00 PM

7.41 Arts &Learning SIG Business Meeting

Session Type: Membership Meeting
Place: Convention Center 4th Floor Room 613
Time: TUESDAY 4/10/01 6:15:00 PM Ends: 8:15:00 PM

50.23 Issues in Arts Education, Roundtables

Session Type: Roundtable
Place: Convention Center 4th Floor Room 6B
Time: SATURDAY 4/14/01 2:15:00 PM Ends: 2:55:00 PM

SYMPOSIUM Issues in Arts Education: Modes of Knowledge,
Curriculum and Integration

Sponsors:SIG/Arts and Learning

Confused Freedom: The Stories of
Students Put at Risk as Told Through
Drama. Mary Hanley, University of
North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Performer as Ambassador: Creating
Equity in Classrooms Through
Storytelling. Robin Mello, University of
Wisconsin, Whitewater

On the Edge of Chaos: Theatrical Models
of Knowing in Curriculum Planning.
Shifra Schonmann, Haifa University

Thinking about North South Encounters.
Marjut Haussila, Sibelius Senior High
School/Helsinki University

Methods for Assessing Transfer from an
Art-viewing Program. Abigail Housen,
Visual Understanding in Education

Arts Integration: A Vehicle for Changing
Teacher Practice. Linnette Werner,
University of Minnesota

Roles for Classroom Teachers in Arts
Integration: Pitfalls and Possibilities for
Professional Development . Gail
Burnaford, Northwestern University;
Arnold Aprill, Chicago Arts Partnerships in

Children's Motivational Beliefs about
Art: Exploring Age Differences and
Relation to Drawing Behavior . Ellen
Potter, University of South Carolina;
Kellah Edens

David Betts, University of Arizona;
Regina Murphy, Ireland, Dublin City

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Arts &Learning SIG Business Meeting
Sponsors:SIG/Arts and Learning


David Betts, University of Arizona
Liora Bresler, University of Illinois at
Nancy Ellis, University of Vermont


The Effects of an Enriched Arts Education
Program on Teacher Development, Artist
Practices, and Student Achievement

Participants: Rena Upitis, Katharine
Smithrim, and Margaret Meban, Queen's
University. Rita Irwin, Kit Grauer,
Alison Pryer, and Sulvia Wilson,
University of British Columbia; Angela
Elster, Royal Conservatory of Music,

Toronto; Lisa Panayotidis, University of

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Roundtables:Issues in Arts Education
Sponsors:SIG/Arts and Learning()


Participant Democracy and Curriculum: How
Students Take Part in Music Classroom.

Jose Luis Arostegui Plaza, University of
Granada, Spain

Interdisciplinary Teaming and Student
Understanding of Verdi's Opera's La
Jeanne Tunks, University of

Schoolin' Street Philosophers: The Arts
as an Academic Intervention in the
Juvenile System
. Richard Siegesmund,
Stanford University

Ingredients of Singapore School Art
Koon-Hwee Kan, University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Developing New Scenes of Inquiry: The
Possibilities of Drama as Research
Thomas Crumpler, Illinois
State University, Christine Warner, Ohio
State University, Joe Norris, University
of Alberta and Brian Edmiston, Ohio
State University

Revisiting the Research in Music
Composition: New Directions for Design
and Teaching.
Nancy Whitaker,
Northwestern University, Peter Webster,
Northwestern University and Sandra
Stauffer, Arizona State University
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